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Best 5 Cary Restaurants To Take Your Date To on Valentines Day

Best 5 Cary Restaurants To Take Your Date To on Valentines Day

February 9th, 2016

One of the best days of the year when it comes to eating is Valentines day, where you have a special day dedicated to give more attention to that special person. Cary offers lots of options within the local area, full of lots of diversity and culture where you can really portray that special moment without breaking the bank or going over the top. There is nothing like a romantic date to re-kindle that fire or even strengthen the burning flame or even treating out that special person. These restaurants have been generated by survey taken by the members of our community at Bacarra Apartments. Without further ado, here are the Best 5 Cary Restaurants to Take your Date to on Valentines day.

5. Enrigos Italian Bistro

o This is a great choice if you would like local Italian. Enrigos is rumored to have some of the best local Italian food in Cary. The portions sizes are great for the price and has an overall great experience especially if you are looking for something with the “Valentines day” environment. Some great things to try here are the calamari, the lasagna and the tiramisu.

575 New Waverly Pl
Ste 106
Cary, NC 27518

4. Deans Seafood Grill

In the mood for some valentine’s seafood? Deans Seafood is a great place to get seafood, unwind and take your date out to fresh, quality seafood without breaking the bank. Deans features a casual dining setup alongside with specials everyday of the week. This place features a great wine and drink selection along with seasonal specialties. Deans currently features a valentines special for two.

1080 Darrington Dr
Cary, NC 27513

3. Jimmy V’s Steakhouse

An exceptionally great steak house with exceptional service, Jimmy V’s brings Steak to the Cary and surrounding areas by providing a unique dining experience and range of very tasty arrangements. This is a great local steakhouse to try especially on Valentines day per the environment that it offers.
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107 Edinburgh S Dr
Ste 131
Cary, NC 27511

2. Maximillians

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Maximillians comes to a #2 on our list based on the popularity and presentation that this restaurant presents. The servers are attentive and the environment is a perfect one for your valentines date! This restaurant has a wonderful drink selection to choose from as well a creative menu to dine from.

8314 Chapel Hill Rd
Cary, NC 27513

1. Sushi Thai Cary

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The reason this delicious hidden Gem comes first is because of the fantastic dining experience and the sushi that locals rave about. The fish is one of the freshest and locals come back not only for the food but for the excellent service that presents itself here. This place makes the top for food, and dining experience especially for the locals in the area.

106 Kilmayne Dr
Cary, NC 27511

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The 3 Most Common Things Buyers look for in Apartments

The 3 Most Common things Movers look for in Apartments

(Written by a leasing agent)

When searching for an apartments, all sorts of people look for different things in what they look for in apartments, but there are pretty much 5 common things that all buyers look for the most which we have seen here at Bacarra Apartments. These 5 common things have been an accumulation of thousands of tours and experiences of professional leasing agents, although most of these arent exactly INSIDE the apartment itself, it makes a point to say how external factors can make a big difference alongside the actual stuff inside the apartment.

3. The Amount of Space

Having a great amount of space per square foot is essential to every buyer that walks through your showing. Within the first couple minutes or even seconds of every “tour” that you show of your apartment home, I can almost guarantee that one of the questions will be related to square feet. If you are not new to the industry, you already know that this is a guarantee.

But why do buyers ask how much square feet is in the apartment and why does it matter?
According to, most buyers use this in their mind to determine how much value you get per square footage. But to determine value, one of the most important factors to also keep in mind is the location.

2. A Convenient Location

Although this part of the apartment is not exactly within the apartment it still plays a huge part. After all, you don’t want a 5 star luxury cheap apartment if it is gonna be an hour away from your everyday life activities?

Why is location so important?

By choosing a location that is centralized to what you do, you simply cut time on everyday life activities, allocating more time for you to do more stuff in your day. This is also why a reason why 300 square feet studios in the city are rising up to an all time high because they are so centralized to a location.


One of the reasons our apartment complex at Bacarra Apartments has thrived on drive-by traffic is solely based on our location. Having that our location and development is literally so close to the highway, this has provided has free leads and drive-by traffic.

1. The Price

When it comes down to it, everyone’s wallet and the value for what they get is what they most pay attention to. The price is the tree-root for what people look for in apartments and what they are getting which is the first threshold for what people look at when looking at apartments. Whether it is a $2000 dollar apartment for a 400 square foot apartment or $1000 for 800 square feet at Bacarra Apartments. This has been the most popular factor when buyers look for an apartment.

look for in apartments

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